Bouclier Core Values

BOUCLIER is a world of difference, experience of a lifetime.

Inspired by our core values, united by our unique capabilities and can-do spirit, we consistently delve deeper and stretch further to take on the most complex challenges.

Our Culture

High-integrity, high-performance environment.

Much more than a greatest "asset" or "resource" at Bouclier, people are the company. Employees' expertise and energy differentiate us and empower our success. Everything the company achieves is due to the exceptional skills, dedication and ingenuity of Bouclier people. Employees' expertise and energy have shaped our value-added reputation and leadership position. This rich tradition differentiates us, empowers our success today and is the catalyst for great opportunity in the future.

Thriving on change and passionate about continuous innovation and improvement, we are focused on meeting client specifications and exceeding expectations. That means a rigorous, disciplined project-execution approach and financial responsibility in order to meet the challenges that offshore field developments and their environments pose - safely, effectively, efficiently and on schedule. Our commitment to being recognized as a global leader is backed by accountability and quantifiable results.

Our People

Experience BOUCLIER life.

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Our goal is to recruit applicants who are best-suited to the positions we seek to fill without regard to gender, race, religion, nationality or age, as we encourage equal opportunities in access to jobs, pay and promotions.