Our passion for excellence and meticulous planning bring quality to life.

BOUCLIER is an Angolan company with acclaimed expertise in the field of integrated crop management and rural development.
Our focus is on developing and marketing sustainable solutions for botanicals, essence oils, medicinal plants and beverages.

Bouclier takes a global approach to workforce integration and as such operates through local offices with international reach and networks. This bold strategy is in line with worldwide market requirements and the expansion of our clients' needs.
Each local office is able to provide specialist support and respond to the changing demands of their local market whilst being part of a global network. You benefit from tailor-made solutions and short lines of communication so our permanent consultants can respond quickly and accurately to meet your changing needs.

In a world where smart and flexible resourcing solutions are the key to your business' success, organizations are in constant competition to attract the most talented personnel. Engaging the most efficient, global reaching recruitment and resourcing partner is crucial. The employment of the best, not just the best available people will optimize your opportunities for success